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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is as old as mankind itself. Our ancient ancestors developed and practiced these healing methods, and they are just as beneficial to us now in our times. In the world today it’s easy to feel detached from the earth and our natural being due to things around us affecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Shamanic healing brings grounding, re-connection and re-balancing of you as a whole being.


The Shaman at the spirit fox is an experienced, respected, humble Shaman, with clients all over the world, who practices teachings passed down through her ancestral lineage. Pure, deep rooted, authentic Shamanism with no modern influence.

The Shaman will help you find your ground so you can move on, grounded and empowered in harmony and clarity.

All our shamanic services are under the "pay what you can afford" concept, to make them available to everyone that needs them. Guided prices will be given.

Before each session a conversation is essential to get a understanding of what you want to achieve, and the process of getting there.


The Shaman offers one-to-one sessions for self development, grounding and clarity.

Being in nature is fundamental for us as human beings to stay grounded in a busy world.

Once we are grounded, we gain clarity and are able to develop in a more harmonious way and move forward to where we want to be, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Some of the tools the Shaman uses in these sessions include being in nature, using nature, being in touch with the elements, creating, drumming & conversations.

90 minute sessions


Are you looking for answers, clarity and peace of mind? Guidance from an experienced Shaman might be the right thing for you.

What is it?

Shamanic guidance is based on drum journeying - a practice for accessing the deep powers of your subconsciousness to address a specific challenge you are facing, answers you seek or guidance in general.

How does it work?

The journey relies on a drumbeat of about 4 beats/second which has been used in many shamanic traditions and helps access a theta brainwave frequency, corresponding to a trance-like state. In this state, you feel like you are dreaming while being fully aware and a journey of visions, emotions and sensations unfolds within you to support your intentions.

Shamanic guidance includes creating a sacred ritual space where our experienced shaman will journey with you, and afterwards interpret the messages you receive as well as the answers given to the shaman in the drum journey.

75 minute session.


Balancing the chakra system, releasing blocked energy and restoring flow of energy.

30 minutes


As we go through life we form energetic attachments to people, places and things. Unhealthy relationships, addictions, connections that may become negative and emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually draining and sometimes toxic.

By cutting and removing psychic ethereal energy cords you are freeing yourself  and re-establishing healthy energy.


When we let go of things holding us back, we create space for things that are good for our well being.

90 minutes


Sometimes your pain, fear, anxiety ,suffering and repeated family patterns, are due to unresolved issues from your ancestry.


Things experienced by a ancestor can be passed along to us in our DNA.


This causes disharmony in your own life  and by doing ancestral healing you are healing your ancestors, unblocking your own energy and disharmony and creating a free energy flow for your descendants.

90 minutes


Power animals are helping spirits, a personal guide ,similar to a guarding angel, and we have them with us from birth. 

In modern day life , we are surrounded by things that can make us lose our power, like stress, illness,  difficult relationships with others, and trauma.


In Power Animal Retrieval the Shaman will bring back your power animal to empower you in your daily challenges. The power animal will return with guidance and tell you which characteristics you have lost and need to restore.


60 minutes

Ancestral Healing
Power Animal

As part of life we experience traumatic incidents. Traumas such as abuse, an accident, loosing a loved one, divorce, etc. Things that take our life essence, making us feel empty, unempowered, lost, lacking self love, unable to function fully. The feeling of missing a part of ourselves and not being “whole”.

Soul retrieval is a powerful practice that heals soul loss and will  make you feel whole again as the dissociated parts of your soul essence will be returned to you.

90 minutes


Maybe you have moved in to a new place and want to start fresh with a clear energy? Or maybe you are living in a house that has built up negative energy over time causing you to feel drained or depressed, have headaches, or feel aggressive and argumentative. A house clearing will remove heavy energy and making it a better place to be, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Depending on the size of the house time might vary from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

House clearing

Our Shaman offers distance healings.

30 minutes

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